Genç Örnek was founded in 1991 by Telat Aydoğan in Uşak. Established to produce more professional production in the market by Telat Aydoğan, who mainly serves in the wool yarn sector before this date, Genç Örnek gave priority to wool yarn production in the first years of its establishment and made great strides in wool yarn in a short time. After these moves, Genç Örnek achieved a serious regional position in the wool yarn sector.

Towards the end of the 1990s, Genç Örnek made its first wool export in 1997 in order to gain a place in the global markets that have become global, and has given great importance to import and export since that date. And by increasing its customer portfolio day by day, it increased its export figures day by day. Wool yarn and raw wool had a large share in the exported products.


In the early 2000s, Genç Örnek focused on the export of raw wool in the world market, combining long years of experience, professionalism and expertise with a modern and innovative approach to buying and selling. And since then, in the light of the experience and knowledge gained from yarn manufacturing in wool washing, he has made innovative studies on the classification and storage of the wool obtained by modern methods.

And since that date, it has been in contact with many suppliers all over the world and has been increasing its customer portfolio by offering high quality products to its customers by washing and preparing the highest quality wool.

The company has a wide range of products including live shearing, plate goods and colored wool from 24 microns to 38 microns.


Currently there is exporting to many countries in the world Young instance, wool continues to maintain its place among Turkey’s most important export firms in the market.